June 6

Poem #4

I gave a book mind

It flops around it writes itself

It is a very good story you should read it sometime

It is always improving itself

It is very sassy to

It rips pages of other books out

June 2

Poem #3

My onomatopoeia poem

 I heard a BANG and then CREAK the door was opening

I was running THUMP THUMP THUMP I was running from the robbers that just broke in

I turn around to see the robbers right behind me THUMP THUMP THUMP I hear my heart beating

I smash through the glass of my bedroom window CRASH

I hear a CRACK inside of my body I broke my collarbone but I get away from the robbers.

June 1

Poem # 2

I gave a book a personality

It talks and thinks has its own personality

It likes other girl books

It writes itself the story is pretty good

I like reading it

it is a action book

May 24

Week # 10

I wrote 9 blogs. They are all school based. I don’t get that many commenters but I think I got about 12. I think I did alright. I should’ve put more effort into it. I like comments because I can respond to them. It took a lot of time to write the paragraphs on the blogs.

May 12

Week #9 A great family

What makes a good family is they need to love each other. They need to do nice stuff without being told. Dont hurt each other. Don’t yell at each other. Help each other out.

Have fun with each other. Don’t fight. Don’t talk back to your parents. Do your chores. Clean up after yourself.

Clean your room. Don’t be stubborn. Keep your house clean. Get along with people. Don’t embarrass each other.

May 4

Week 8

I commented on  sierra7pm blog hers is very good she needs to put more big words in it though. Also i commented on  kylinn2am I like how she told you how she didn’t like the blog challenges. Im with her on this one. Then commented on angel2am his blog suprised me a lot he worded that very well and put a lot of thought into it I could tell. I also commented on max2am his blog was very short but very sweet it made me hungary.



March 31

Week #2

I commented on http://chad6pm.edublogs.org/2016/03/30/week-2-commenting-post/ blog he worded her blog very well. I also commented on http://teagan7pm.edublogs.org/2016/03/31/week-4-where-i-would-love-to-visit-and-why/ blog. That was a very cool place. I would like to live there, too. I commented on http://angel2am.edublogs.org/2016/03/30/week-1-commenting-post/ he put a lot of thought into it. I could tell.